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2018 Miscellaneous Japanese Dramas [DR]

2018 has been a hectic year for the PsychoDrama team. Nonetheless, we’ve managed to check out a couple of projects along the way while juggling real life. Here are some of

Gyakko no Koro – 逆光の頃 (2017) [MR]

Japan and their indie movies. It’ll always be an interesting combination, and a thing I’ll gladly accept more of any day. Gyakko no Koro, also known as The Time of

Kiseki: Sobito Of That Day
Museum ‘Myujiamu’ [Movie Review]

Based on the manga series Museum: The Serial Killer Is Laughing in the Rain by Tomoe Ryosuke, it’s dir. Ohtomo Keishi’s turn to flex his ‘blood splatter’ muscles. The movie centers on an unknown murderer

Rikuoh - Drama Review/Recap
Important Witness, Private Detective - 重要参考人探偵 | TV Asahi (Fridays)
Actors' Bias
Beyond the Frame