Tokyo Ghoul – 東京喰種 [Live Action Coverage]

Based on the original work by Ishida Sui, Tokyo Ghoul is one of the most fascinating and original series about seemingly ‘normal’ human beings but in fact are monsters with an insatiable appetite for human flesh. Like vampires who beguile and trick humans, ghouls also hide their true nature. A 12-episode animation series of Tokyo Ghoul was broadcasted in 2014 and Shochiku will take the lead in the production of the LA version – giving the directorial task to newcomer Hagiwara Kentaro. It stars Kubota Masataka who will play the main protagonist Kaneki Ken.


What the movie is all about: Tokyo Ghoul is set in an alternate reality where ghouls, individuals who can only survive by eating human flesh, live among the normal humans in secret, hiding their true nature to evade pursuit from the authorities. The story follows Kaneki Ken, a college student who barely survives a deadly encounter with Kamishiro Rize, his date who reveals herself to be a ghoul. Due to circumstances, he ends up being taken to the hospital in critical condition. After recovering, Kaneki discovers that he underwent a surgery that transformed him into a half-ghoul. This was accomplished because some of Rize’s organs were transferred into his body, and now, like normal ghouls, he must consume human flesh to survive. The ghouls who manage the coffee shop Anteiku take him in and teach him to deal with his new life as a half-ghoul.

Highlights: While Shimizu Fumika has already announced her retirement from acting, I’m not sure if this will affect the movie. However, I felt that there is a bigger issue here, and that is the casting of Kubota Masataka. While many may regard the actor as highly competent, even acclaimed, the fact remains he isn’t fit for the role (he is too old, for one). 

There was considerable discussion on why the production committee failed to cast Hongo Kanata when he could have been a perfect choice.



Trailer Impressions: The latest trailer released June 26 by Shochiku is a big departure from the previous teaser which disappoints. The new trailer is pack with exciting action scenes that remind of the anime where every episode is suspenseful and at the same time reveals something about the characters and the basic nature of the ghouls.

Thoughts: PsychoDrama is one of the first blogs to ever promote Kubota Masataka and we mostly sing praises for his acting. However, recent performances have failed to impress. It seems he is becoming a victim of the overacting virus that has afflicted Fujiwara Tatsuya up to this day.

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