I stand corrected when I say Sosuke Ikematsu has two upcoming high-profile movies. In fact, there are more new projects for this fantastic young actor than some of his more 'famous' contemporaries. Adding more glam and spice to the new movie - a love affair between a young University student and a much-matured lady - is the actress chosen to play the role: Rie Miyazawa. If you've seen The Twilight Samurai, then you know who she is. Apparently, her popularity in Japan goes back many years - when she was both a fashion model and a highly-sought young actress.

Sosuke Ikematsu + Rie Miyazawa in Pale Moon

Entitled Paper Moon (Kami no Tsuki), the new movie will showcase a sizzling love affair between Ikematsu and Miyazawa who will be working in a film for the first time. Due to their relationship, Miyazawa's character was forced to embezzle money from the bank she is working for to support their expensive lifestyle.

For most western moviegoers, Sosuke Ikematsu remains that young kid from The Last Samurai, featuring Tom Cruise in the title role. But if you're already in the Japanese movie scene, you will certainly remember him in Dive!! as one of the aspiring Japanese divers who competed for sports glory and honor. He also made good impressions in The Story of Yonosuke as Kengo Kora's best buddy.

Two upcoming movies will further put the spotlight on Ikematsu as he graduates from playing second leads into the leading man territory.

First on the list is Vortex of Love - as one of the participants in a secret club that involves wild sex. The movie is controversial already for the nude scenes featuring different Japanese actors, with Ikematsu playing one of the main characters - and getting involved in a "whirlpool" of ecstasy. [ Watch video clip here ]

Second in line is a starring role opposite Ai Hashimoto entitled Adult Drop. Hashimoto is often cast with Kento Yamazaki, so this new pairing is both interesting and intriguing, to say the least. Both are capable actors, and we'll see if they have good on-screen chemistry. Hashimoto is such an alluring young actress; it may require the equally talented Ikematsu to level up his acting and create fireworks together!

Watch the teaser trailer for more of Hashimoto and Ikematsu together.

Adult Drop photos are below:

View the embedded image gallery online at:

Ikematsu's character in Vortex of Love seems to be the more difficult to play, but I also love to see Ikematsu romancing Hashimoto in Adult Drop.


Finally a live action movie for Samurai X. For those in the know, don't criticize me for calling the manga Samurai X. I know that there was some confusion as to why it was called as such in the US. The 'authentic' title of the manga is Rurouni Kenshin.

The much beloved adventure story of Himura Kenshin has undergone many adaptations in various media and finally come August 25, the live action version will hit Japan and definitely a few months (or weeks, hopefully) in other parts of Asia and mainland USA. 

Backgrounder: Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Swordsman Romantic Story also known as Rurouni Kenshin and Samurai X, is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Nobuhiro Watsuki. The fictional setting takes place during the early Meiji period in Japan. The story is about a fictional assassin named Himura Kenshin, from the Bakumatsu who becomes a wanderer to protect the people of Japan. Watsuki wrote this series upon his desire of making a shōnen manga different from the other ones that were published in that time, with Kenshin being a former assassin and the story taking a more serious tone as it continued. Although the tragic tone was highly expanded as the manga advanced, Watsuki became determined to give it a happy ending as it was aimed at teenagers.

Kat-Tun's Livejournal community recently announced the latest casting news featuring Kamenashi Kazuya. The movie will be called "It's me, It's me" (Ore, Ore). It is based on Tomoyuki Hoshino's bestselling novel of the same title.

Here's the juice:

Kame has landed the leading role in the movie Ore Ore (It's Me, It's Me) whose release date is planned for next spring. He plays the main role, Nagano Hitoshi, who works in a consumer electronics volume seller. Kame's character picks up the phone of an unknown man and does an "ore ore sagi." (Oreore sagi - "me me fraud"; literally. The fraud is the kind of telephone fraud.) Then the day after, a man (Daiki? not sure of kanji reading) with "ore" same face appears, then also another "ore" called Nao appears. Then day after day, the unknown "ore"s multiplies until, starting from an incident caused by Nao, the "deletion" of the many "ore"s starts, and an image with a killed ore is sent to the main character's place.

"The highlight is Kamenashi's cosplay. To show the world that will become "ORE," without minding age or gender, he'll cover 25 characters, from big breast to afro, tattoos all over the body, career woman, high school student." [ source ]