“Nijiiro Days” LA releases teaser clip + cast photo!

Nijiiro Days - LA cast photo

The live-action movie Nijiiro Days (Rainbow Colored-Days) has a new teaser clip and a cast photo. Clip and shoot feature the teen quartet of Takasugi Mahiro, Nakagawa Taishi, Sano Reo, Yokohama Ryusei.

For me, the clip captures some of the vibes from the anime. Both Takasugi and Nakagawa are capable actors, arguably the future of Japanese movies. I have yet to form an opinion of Sano Reo, and Yokohama Ryusei has yet to impress me.  

The storyline will be like this:

Nijiiro Days follows the colorful lives and romantic relationships of four high school boys—Natsuki Hashiba, a dreamer with delusions of love; Tomoya Matsunaga, a narcissistic playboy who has multiple girlfriends; Keiichi Katakura, a kinky sadist who always carries a whip; and Tsuyoshi Naoe, an otaku who has a cosplaying girlfriend. 

Character details and more from our special Nijiiro Days LA spotlight here.



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