Gukoroku (also known as Traces of Sin) is the reunion of Satoshi Tsumabuki and Hikari Mitsushima on the big screen. Both award-winning actors play siblings in the Tv series Wakamonotachi (together with Eita, a frequent co-star of both).  The movie is the first full-length film of Kei Ishikawa and tackles the issue of a brother-sister relationship in an atmosphere of mystery and crime. Based on the novel "Gukoroku" by Tokuro Nukui, the film also explores social elites in Japan.

Tsumabuki is the kind of actor who does his best when acting together with equally competent players. He did an acting showdown with Kenichi Matsuyama in My Back Page (he plays a journalist, while Matsuyama is an activist during late 1960s Tokyo), this time he's (once again) a reporter and the trailer already shows some intense moments between him and co-star Hikari Mitsushima.  The film premiered at the 73rd Venice International Film Festival, with Mitsushima showing her fashion flair!

Johnny's perennial idol and superstar Takuya Kimura will be collaborating with Takashi Miike for the first time in the live-action, The Blade of the Immortal. Based on the manga series "Mugen no Junin" by Hiroaki Samura, the movie is about revenge and immortality.

A lot has been said about Takashi Miike state of filmmaking recently. While his previous projects - Thirteen Samurai, Harakiri: Death of a Samurai and Ace Attorney were appreciated by both fans and critics, his more recent films were not. He has been doing movies since 1991, and it seems he's getting tired? Or it has something to do with the creative juices running out?

Last October 4, Taishi Nakagawa announced on his official blog that he'd be playing the central role in Re: LIFE. Re: LIFE is an ongoing Japanese science fantasy drama (web based) manga series written and illustrated by Yayoiso. It's being published by NHN PlayArt on the comico website since October 12, 2013, and already has six volumes compiled by chapters and published by Earth Star Entertainment. The anime version was aired on television on July 2, 2016, composed of thirteen episodes. We posted the casting news last September.


The movie is reported to have an original ending, which may depart (or not) from the original intention of the writer.

March Comes in like a Lion (3月のライオン San gatsu no Lion) is an upcoming two-part Japanese film directed by Keishi Ōtomo, starring Ryunosuke Kamiki and based on the manga series of the same name written and illustrated by Chica Umino.

The film will be released in Japan by Toho and Asmik Ace in 2017 in two parts, with the first part scheduled for March 18 and the second planned for April 22.

The Death Note movies of Kenichi Matsuyama and Tatsuya Fujiwara serve as my introduction to Japanese live-action movies. Matsuyama is especially memorable in Death Note for the perfect combination of subtle, thrilling and comedic acting. I saw the first Death Note movie after I watched Matsuyama in Norwegian Wood. Somebody told me about his almost perfect portrayal of the world's "greatest detective." Matsuken's L is what I imagined the fictional character would be in real life.

That was late 2011, a few years after the first Death Note movie was released. Five years later, we're into the fifth live-action adaptation of the manga made famous by Tsugumi Ohba, with illustration by Takeshi Obata. 


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