I don't see the relevance when you say Yu Aoi's last lead character in a film "One Million Yen and the Nigamushi Woman.” was seven years ago.

I mean, she has been stealing scenes and captivating audiences year in, year out - Shining Boy and Little Randy (2005), Mushishi (2006), Hula Girls (2006), The Lightning Tree (2010), About Her Brother (2010), Rurouni Kenshin (2012), Penance (2012), Tokyo Family (2013) and the two more recent Rurouni Kenshin sequels.

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Even in TV series Mozu and Wakamono Tachi, Aoi has consistently maintained her screen presence that it's almost as if we know her personally.

Hidetoshi Nishijima and Teruyuki Kagawa hold one of the most enduring and fruitful on-screen partnership in Japanese movies and dramas. Their recent team up as detectives in the WOWOW drama thriller MOZU has spawned a film version of the same name, but note that before Mozu, the actors were the reason for the critical acclaim bestowed on Double Face, the Japanese version/remake of the highly successful Hong Kong film "Infernal Affairs."

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The intensity of their on-screen rivalry is eclipsed by their friendship in real life. Both are also accomplished actors - with Kagawa one of the lead stars in Kiyoshi Kurosawa's highly-praised Tokyo Sonata. So definitely, the on-screen collaboration between the players and Kurosawa has already begun way back then.

The actors reunite in the latest Kurosawa film, Creepy.

Japanese food is something a bit mysterious and strange to me, but I have the chance to taste some Japanese cuisine of late that really made quite an impression. When you watch Japanese movies, anime, and drama all the time, you get a sense of familiarity. But tasting authentic Japanese food is a totally different, but extremely fulfilling experience. What better way to eat udon noodles while watching your favorite Jdrama neh?

Japanese Food in the Movies

Through the years, there are many Japanese movies that focus on food - not necessarily sushi or tempura or noodles, but also cakes and pastries and delicacies and even the traditional tea ceremony. While this list is not exclusively about food movies, there are certain scenes we find so awesome you just got to see it! Here are some scenes and screen captures showing delicious and delectable food on a number of favorite Japanese movies...

It took me a bit of time to write Part 3 of this hitlist - the Tori Matsuzaka spotlight is getting some amazing link love and discussions; and hopefully Tori himself will get well soon! He has Gatchaman to promote and a new taiga drama series. Why I mention him is because he's part of our hitlist (Part 2 to be exact) and the actors in this part share the same awesome fashion and style sense as him, though they are his seniors in the acting field.

What we have here are three actors who have made their mark on Japanese television - Eita is certainly the most popular among the three, with a lot of new drama shows (circa 2010-2013), while Hayami Mokomichi just got back into the spotlight with two new drama; Osamu Mukai has done quite a number of new movies himself - but also some good dramas to boost his ranking as a reliable and ratings attraction.

More of them and why they have cool fashion sense - via clips and photos - after the jump!

Part Two of our 10 favorite fashion-savvy Japanese actors features relative newcomers, compared to Part One. But being new to the movie industry only add to their star value, so to speak - Tori Matsuzaka is beginning to level up his acting and is now a threat to grab roles usually reserved to Osamu Mukai and Haruma Miura...

Shohei Miura may be regarded as a favorite among fangirls for his 'pin-up' appeal but an acting award proved there is more to the young actor than a pretty face. Finally, a model turned actor and who was personally handpicked to lead the 3rd movie of the Crow Zero franchise, Masahiro Higashide.

Who says only Joe Odagiri and Shota Matsuda rule the fashion scene?


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